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DMX & RDM Splitter
4 Output DIN Rail Splitter with RDM Personality and configurable port.
AC Auto Ranging(AR) Option
- Features -
  • 4 Outputs
    The splitter has 4 individually driven Output or Command Ports. The Output Ports have a common ground and for the LV variant, are tied to the power ground. Ports may be individually disabled using RDM.
  • Fail-Safe Input
    The Input or Responder Port is electrically isolated > 1KV from the supply and Output Ports and has a through connection. The splitter is equipped with a Fail-Safe receiver that maintains outputs in a steady state on loss of input signal.
  • RDM Discoverable Device
    The splitter is a discoverable device with 4 sub-devices to represent each output port. Each sub-device has personalities to disable or enable port operation, together with a label to help with system maintenance. DEVICE_POWER_CYCLES and DEVICE_HOURS are also supported by RDM.
Suitable for DMX512 & RDM
Signal Distribution
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A complete set of pluggable rising-clamp connectors is included with each unit.
- Tech Spec -
  • Mounting
    DIN Rail4U (EN50022)
  • Power Supply
    5W (Nominal)
  • Indication
    Forward, Reverse & Status
  • Dimensions
    94mm x 102mm x 58mm
  • Weight
    148g(AR), 148g(LV)
  • Environment
    0°C to 50°C, 5% to 90% RH
  • Standards
    ANSI E1.11 - 2008(R2013) DMX512A
    ANSI E1.20-2010 RDM over DMX512 networks
  • Materials
  • Compliance
    CE, FCC
- Choice of Power Input -
The splitter is currently available with mains option:
  • RDM-SH4 (AR): Auto Ranging, 90V to 240V AC for direct feed
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Auto Ranging
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