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W A Benjamin RDM Integrity
Windows RDM Conformance Test Application to verify your responders RDM operation.
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A range of Features
  • Runs on Windows XP to Windows 10
  • Comprehensive Test on all PIDs
  • Pass, Advisory, Warning or Fail
  • Selectable test range criteria
  • Single step configurable tests
  • Works with multiple responders
  • Shows formatted test results
  • ANSI E1.37-1 Support
  • ANSI E1.37-2 Support
  • Creates test reports
  • Reviews saved tests
  • Works with JESE RDM-TRI
  • Works with JESE RDM-TXI
  • Works with Goddard DMXter Mini
  • Works with Goddard DMXters 4 RDM
RDM Tests
RDM Logo The RDM Integrity software is targeted at manufacturers and developers wishing to ensure that their products are compliant before being placed on the market. RDM Integrity will be equally useful to technical sales consultants and commissioning engineers, enabling then to verify that the market claims of RDM compliance are indeed being met.
The tests provide a clear determination of Pass, Advisory, Warning or Fail levels, together with the decoded parameter data for all command classes and parameter ID's (PIDs). Results can be exported for use in subsequent reports. Results may be filtered by levels, allowing the user to isolate messages for detailed analysis. All raw Transmit and Receive data can be displayed in an easy to read format. Manufacturer specific or customised PID can be transmitted and their responses analysed and formatted.
Software License
Controller Options RDM Integrity is licensed for use with designated interfaces. The license includes a one year subscription for support and updates. The subscription may be renewed annually to ensure that new features and additional extensions to the RDM standards can be tested as they are published.
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Interface License
(Inc VAT £672.00)
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