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DMX Interface Module
Isolated RDM Input and Output module with intergrated traffic indication.
- Features -
  • Isolation > 1kV
    The module provides electrical isolation between the connection on the rear and the DMX connection. This is the recommended topology for DMX fixtures and RDM responders.
  • 5V Logic Level Interface
    The module is designed to handle the RS485 signalling used in DMX and RDM and connect straight to a processor or UART.
  • Low Noise Operation
    The module has been designed with a 4 layer PCB and electrical configuration to minimise it's EMC signature. The unit draws a nominal 110mA at 5V, minimising demand on the equipment power supply. The design further minimises conducted emissions through the DMX connections.
Suitable for DMX512 and RDM Responder Equipment
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- More Features -
  • Automatic Termination
    The female DMX connection operates an automatic 110 Ohm termination, ensuring that the correct end of line is always applied to the DMX chain.
  • Fail-Safe Receiver
    DMX input employes a fail-safe RS485 receiver that will ensure that a mark condition is maintained if the DMX controller goes off-line or is disconnected.
  • Traffic Indication
    Three indicators are mounted on the module PCB which may be ported to a chassis panel with a 25mm light pipe. A red LED indicates transmitted data, green LED received and amber LED, user controlled.
- Micro-MaTch™ Connector -
Micro-MaTch connector A MicroMaTch™ connector is supplied with each module. The connector crimps onto a 1.27mm pitch ribbon cable. Pre-fabricated connection cables are available to order from JESE Ltd.
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Custom Cables
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- Connection Information -
Pin 1 is the connection nearest the connector key aperture.

For transmission mode, DOE should be driven high and data modulated on TXD.

For receive only mode, for example, when used to drive a digital scope, tie DOE to ground and TXD high, to Vin.
Internal Pin Connection