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A Windows RDM Controller Application to Interrogate and Manage your RDM operable equipment.
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A range of Management Tools
  • Fast discovery of RDM responders
  • Device Identification Control
  • Status Message Queue Handling
  • DMX Address Assignment
  • DMX Personality Selection
  • Graphical Sensor Displays
  • Real Time Clock Control
  • Device Label Editor
  • Lamp State Management
  • Pan & Tilt Configuration
  • Display Control Settings
  • Factory Default Settings
  • Device Power Switching
  • Remote Device Reset
  • Self Test Management
  • Output Settings and Presets

Ultimate Flexibility
RDM Logo GetSet MV can simultaneously connect to multiple RDM controllers, and through them allows you to interrogate and configure your RDM enabled equipment with GetSet's comprehensive set of tools.
GetSet MV automatically determines which tool is required to handle the selected feature of your equipment. GetSet and the RDM-TRI provide you with a quick and seamless window to your equipment.
GetSet MV handles all of the complexities of managing RDM enabled equipment, making it an ideal solution for users of RDM equipment that have no desire to learn all about RDM.
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All controls are area arranged for intuitive operation, providing just the information you require at any one time.
E1.37 Support
GetSet MV supports the full range of PIDs in the E1.37 extention to the RDM Standard. For custom Vendor PIDs there's a handler to enter and then read back the Get/Set command and device response in hexadecimal.
Upgrade Tool
Includes utility to upgrade firmware on the RDM-TRI, RDM-TXI and DMX-TRI.

GetSet MV can also be used to upload firmware to RDM products of various manufacturers, including Tempest Lighting, SOUNDLIGHT and RDM operable Rosco products.
Firmware Upgrade

An RDM-TRI or RDM-TXI is required to use this application.

An RDM-TRI and GetSet MV are bundled together as part of an RDM Controller Package. View our RDM-TRI and RDM-TXI pages for prices.
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GetSet MV, inc. 1-year support subscription

(Inc VAT £492.00)
The GetSet MV Subscription
When you own GetSet MV, you get a perpetual license to the application.

When you purchase GetSet MV, it also comes with a 1-year subscription that provides you with access to 12 months of GetSet MV updates, as we continue to provide features and support to the application.
Original GetSet Users
Do you own the original JESE GetSet? For just the cost of a year's subscription, you can own GetSet MV and get a year of further updates.

If you bought the original GetSet as a package with your JESE RDM-TRI or RDM-TXI, then login on our Support Page and follow the GetSet MV upgrade information.

If you bought the original GetSet seperately then contact us and we will help you upgrade.

Screen shots of Sensors and DMX Settings