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DMX & RDM Contactor
2 Pole 25A 240V DIN Rail Relay Contactor with RDM configurable operation.
- Features -
  • Contacts
    The contactor is rated for 30A and 25A continuous operation. By using two high efficiency relays, the unit is well suited to switching high current equipment in and out of standby operation. Having separate relays facilitates configuration for singletwo pole or dual single pole operation.
  • DMX Control and Fail Modes
    The contactor has many configurable setting for control by DMX values ranges and state change delays to make it highly tolerant to erroneous DMX packets. The behaviour on DMX fail may also be configured.
  • RDM Operable Device
    The DMX address of the contactor is configured with any RDM controller. The contactor is fully RDM configurable for the desired operation, providing the option of changing configuration remotely according to requirement. DEVICE_POWER_CYCLES and DEVICE_HOURS are also supported by RDM.
Suitable for DMX512 & RDM
Signal Distribution
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A complete set of pluggable rising-clamp connectors is included with each unit.
- Tech Spec -
  • Mounting
    DIN Rail4U (EN50022)
  • Power Supply
    90V-240V, 50-60Hz
    5W (Nominal)
  • Indication
    Forward, Reverse
    Status & Contacts
  • Dimensions
    94mm x 102mm x 58mm
  • Weight
  • Environment
    0°C to 50°C, 5% to 90% RH
  • Standards
    ANSI E1.11 - 2008(R2013) DMX512A
    ANSI E1.20-2010 RDM over DMX512 networks
  • Materials
  • Compliance
    CE, FCC
  • Local Control (EPO)
    The contactor features an additional connection for Emergency Power Off. When configured, the EPO may be wired as a local circuit with connections to power kill switches. The EPO may be configured to either continue on re-connect or require a contact Open and Close cycle to re-enable. When DMX is not used, the EPO connection may optionally be configured as a local control. When used, the EPO circuit must be made for normal operation.
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Auto Ranging
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