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The Tenth PLASA Lighting Protocols PlugFest and Second in Lille.
The second PLASA PlugFest held in France was fully subscribed for the the third year running. We were fortunate that at the time of the event, the impending viral epidemic did not impact significantly on this years attendance and proceedings.
The three day event from 25th to 27th February was another great opportunity for delegates to work together and just as importantly, to socialise, sharing technical and industry insight.
This year's format included a series of break-out sessions covering topics such as RDM, DALI, RDMnet, LLPR, Art-Net, sACN and security, as well as a task group conference call covering ESTA TSC next generation developments.
Feedback after the event was very positive, but obviated the need for more space to accommodate the sessions and technical work area. Dates and the venue for the 2021 event will be announced at a time where prevailing conditions make it appropriate.
Ninth PLASA Lighting Protocols PlugFest in Lille, France.
The bold decision to move PlugFest from the UK to Lille, France this year was rewarded with the event being sold out ahead of time. With more than 38 delegates from 16 companies, the three days combined a series of educational seminars with plugfesting the fine art of discovering why your product doesn't quite talk to the one across the table! Many of the participants are the actual product software engineers, so bugs were fixed within hours of discovery. Look out for a flurry of product firmware updates over the coming days, seamlessly fixing issues before you even knew they existed.
Hosted by Wayne Howell (Artistic Licence), Hamish Dumbreck (JESE Ltd) and Peter Willis (Howard Eaton Lighting), the PLASA PlugFest once again demonstrated the efficiency of manufacturers putting commercial pressures aside for a moment and working together to educate and improve the user experience, delivering better interoperability of entertainment lighting products. Stuff that works.
From being unofficial briefings hidden in the back corner of the PLASA exhibition space, PlugFest has evolved into a serious and well supported stand alone annual event, bringing together industry experts who share their knowledge with passion and enthusiasm.
PLASA Technical
The PLASA PlugFest also provides a European focus for linking in with relevant standards developments undertaken in North America by ESTA, the Entertainment Services and Technology Association, so that attendees are at the leading edge of protocols that will shape the future of Entertainment lighting control.
In the break out sessions this year, sessions included a thorough overview of the coming E1.30 RDM Net standard. Other standards included an update on E1.37-7 Firmware File transfer and E1.20 Revision 2. Being in the same room as others who were new to the standards gave insight into the different view points of seasoned developers and new entrants, both of whom benefitted.
On the final day, Adam Bennet gave a presentation on the state of play with the European directives on eco-design for luminary devices.
GetSet MV Released
GetSet MV Our latest RDM Management software, GetSet MV, is now available to purchase from our web shop - both in an RDM Controller Package, or independantly to work with your existing JESE RDM TRI or TXI.

GetSet MV greatly builds upon our previous RDM Management tools, and includes the ability to simultaneously connect to multiple RDM controllers. Owners of the original GetSet can upgrade to GetSet MV for just the price of a support subscription (see the GetSet MV product page for more information).

The PLASA Lighting Protocols Plugfest
Control - Configure - Communicate
The 2018 Plugfest is a three-day event from 25th to 27th April 2018 in Gatwick London.
PlugFest Building on the success of the RDM Developers' Conference and Plugfest events previously held at Gatwick Manor, this year's event will be held at the nearby Copthorne Hotel London Gatwick. The Plugfest will cover a range of lighting protocols, including DALI, DMX512, RDM, Art-Net and sACN, providing a valuable opportunity for developers of lighting control products to test and debug control protocol interoperability. The event will include 'Break outs' for technical round table sessions, including the forthcoming RDMnet protocol and the recent DALI 2 and device type extensions.
Attendance is by invitation, with a participation fee of £120 for PLASA members and £180 for non-members. The participation fee is exclusive of VAT and covers all three days. Morning and afternoon refreshments and a buffet lunch will be provided on each day and included in the price. Delegates should make Bed and Breakfast reservations directly with the Hotel. Preferential rates of rates of £65.38 + VAT for a single room or £74.16 + VAT for a double will be available to delegates, up to 21 days prior to the event. Details will be provided upon registration.
The Plugfest is a PLASA event, organised by Hamish Dumbreck of JESE Ltd, Peter Willis of Howard Eaton Lighting and Wayne Howell of Artistic Licence. To reserve you place for the event, follow the link and sign up.
More details can be found on the PLASA web site.
JESE relocates to a new facility in Dartmoor
After four months of preperation and building work, JESE has made the move to a new purpose-built facility in Moretonhampstead, on the edge of the Dartmoor National park in Devon.

With an increasing work load and growing manufacturing operation, the new site has over three times the floor area of our previous facility. We look forward to utilising the new capacity and recruiting staff to join us over the coming year. Building and furnishing work will continue through to March this year as we settle in.

See more here
JESE adds two DMX & RDM DIN-Rail splitters to their product range
Building on the technology and reputation of their RDM controllers, JESE have added two DMX & RDM splitters to their product range. The splitters boast a compact 8-way output and fail-safe input with isolation.
RDM Protocol
As well as DMX, the splitters support the return data path for the RDM protocol and additionally, are discoverable as RDM responders in an RDM operable network. The RDM protocol facilitates management of each of the output or command ports, as well as information on the device power cycles and operational hours. As with all JESE RDM products, firmware may be upgraded over RDM with a suitable RDM controller such as the RDM-TRI.
DMX & RDM Splitter
Product Versions
The splitters are available with two supply options, each catering for alternative scenarios for installations. The Low Voltage DC (LV) accepts a 9V to 48V DC supply and the Auto Ranging AC (AR) accepts 90V to 240V AC. The LV version is tollerant to 60V DC. Both variants consume an economical 5W of power.
Units are shipped with a full compliment of pluggable connectors. The connectors have re-wireable rising-clamp terminals, affording the task of installation and maintainence great flexibility.
The new products were developed to bridge the gap between RDM control solutions and the various OEM RDM responder components manufactured by JESE. With 8 ports, a compact and power efficient design, these units will be leading the market in value for money. More product information and data sheets are available from the Product Page
Fourth European RDM and sACN Developers Conference and Plugfest, April 2014
Following the success of previous European RDM Developers Conferences and Plugfest in 2012 and 2013, the fourth European RDM Developers Plugfest event took place from 24th through 26th April 2014.
PLASA Technical
The Developers Conference provided a European forum for manufacturers, designers, consultants and prospective users and aimed to ensure the adoption of these new standards achieved desired levels of interoperability and reliability.
Three new Control Protocol projects which were proposed at the recent PLASA meetings in January this year in Dallas/Fort Worth Texas were discussed in the conference sessions. Participants had the chance to review and contribute to these important developments, which included a standard method for firmware updates using RDM, as well as a collection of assorted parameters (PIDs) to be included in a further extension to RDM.
"Plugfests" are a hands-on opportunity for product developers to try out their hardware and code implementations with products from a variety of other manufacturers, with support from their industry peers in an environment that encourages co-operation and improved understanding of the standards, and with the aim of achieving high levels of interoperability.
Typically, engineers participate in these events with the ability to code and debug aspects of their implementations on site, sometimes retreating to their hotel rooms to craft improvements before returning to the "Plugfest" to continue testing.
The events provided an opportunity to pilot a new suite of windows based RDM responder tests, currently in development. The results were encouraging and the test suite generated a lot of interest.
Remote Device Management (RDM) in action at PLASA 2012
The PLASA Technical Resources office, in conjunction with industry RDM specialists who have contributed to the creation and development of the standard, once again presented the RDM Area. PLASA 2012
This year two working systems, one theatrical and one architectural, were presented to demonstrate interoperability between different manufacturers. Visitors to the stand were able to discover how RDM can help, and to get answers to their RDM implementation or application questions.
PLASA 2012
This was the last time the stand was at Earl's Court and was presented again in 2013 in the new venue at ExCel. The team supporting the stand of which Hamish Dumbreck from JESE was a part, also hosted two seminars.
Staffing the stand are, from left to right, Hamish Dumbreck (JESE Ltd), Ron Bonner (PLASA Technical), Peter Kirkup (Lumen Radio), Simon Hobday (Artistic Licence) and Peter Willis (Howard Eaton Lighting).
Remote Device Management Stand at ABTT Show, London 2012
The ABTT Theatre Show was held in June 2012 and this year, for the first time, there was a stand dedicated to the promotion of RDM protocol. The RDM stand was organised by Martin Chisnall in conjuntion with ABTT. Visitors were given an introductory tour of the application and benefits of RDM in the theatre.
Hamish Dumbreck form JESE assisted Martin Chisnall and was on hand to answer technical questions from the more technically inclined. There was a representative range of RDM operable equipment from a range of manufacturers on display.
European RDM/sACN Developers Conference and Plugfest 2012
The three day event was held in the Gatwick Manor, with attendees from around the world travelling to London. As well as the conventional plugfest format which has been tried and tested in the US, the event featured seminars, designed to both educate and promote discussion. Seminar subjects included Ethernet networking with RDM, performing firmware uploads over RDM and Product Marking for RDM compliance. Although the event focussed on the development community, sessions were offered to educate users on the benefits, potential pitfalls and future capabilities that these new protocols can offer to the industry.
The event organised by PLASA, the first to be held outside North America, was hailed as a huge success. Contributors attended from almost all major industry sectors, including moving light manufacturers, console developers and data distribution specialists. There were also attendees from outside the development community, with production electricians, venue technicians and rental companies.
Following the huge success of the event, the PLASA Technical team are planning similar events - check out this site and for the latest information.
RDM Plugfest
JESE at LDI 2011 in Orlando, Connectivity Stand, Tempest Lighting and UK PlugFest.
Hamish Dumbreck of JESE supported the PLASA connectivity stand as well as being on hand for the Tempest Lighting stand, to advise visitors on systems integration, especially in respect of RDM utilisation. The new generation of Digital Enclosure Controls (DEC3.2™)for Tempest Lighting have been developed and manufactured by JESE in the UK. LDI 2011 Conectivity Stand
The presence at the PLASA connectivity stand followed on from the work at the RDM corner at PLASA 2011 in Earl's Court, London, only at a more moderate pace. The stand was also staffed by the usual stalwarts of the industry, Peter Willis of Howard Eaton, Peter Kirkup of Zero88 and Simon Newton of the OLA project. Paul Kleissler of City Theatrical was on hand this year enabling staff at the stand to visit exhibitors, generate interest and encourage participation in the PLASA Technical Standards Program.
Following on from discussions in the January TSP meetings in Dallas, Hamish Dumbreck and Peter Willis solicited views on holding a PlugFest in the UK in 2012.
PLASA 2011 and the RDM Area Stand For the Technical Standards Program
JESE supported the RDM Connectivity area at PLASA 2011 at Earl's Court.
PLASA 2011
The theme was entitled RDM FastTrack and gave the opportunity to get detailed information about RDM, how it works, products that use it and companies that support it.
The RDM Connectivity stand at PLASA
As in previous years, the stand was provided by PLASA and organised by Peter Willis of Howard Eaton. The purpose of the stand was to promote the work PLASA Standards program (formerly the ESTA Technical Standards Program) and to demonstrate the benefits of the available technology.
Also of interest at the show, Tim Baarsch of Artistic Licence presented an Introduction to RDM.
Mini Plug-Fest
Manufacturers were invited to test out their products' compatibility at a mini-RDM plug-fest held at the stand.
Plug Fest and Progress on new RDM Network Control Protocol Standard
The 5th Control Protocols Plug Fest held in Westlake, Texas was well attended with more than 36 devices from 16 manufacturers being put through their paces. Simon Newton of the open source project (OLA) attracted a lot of interest in the development of an RDM responder test suite, running tests on equipment at the event as well as drawing on the experience of those present to enhance the tests.
Ryan Fletcher of ARRI joined the world of RDM bringing a studio luminary, demonstrating the wider industry interest in and application of RDM.

Plug Fest Dallas Jan 2010 Matthias Hinrichs of Martin Professional and Peter Kirkup of Zero 88 used the opportunity to start work on a web site to promote and provide information to users of RDM enabled equipment. The web site will provide general information about the functionality of RDM along with a categorised list of manufacturers products.

Having gone through a steep learning curve at the meeting last October in Las Vegas, the TSC working group for the proposed E1.33 standard made great progress during the course of the event, toward a draft version of the standard. The E1.33 is essentially a way of carrying RDM over Ethernet in the same way that the E1.31 carries DMX512 over Ethernet.

The draft version will be soon be available and ready for public review in July this year. The new standard will give additional benefit to fixtures that support RDM, bridging the gap between network controllers and the DMX512/RDM daisy chained fixtures.

With the main focus of technology being RDM control, improvements were made to JESE interfaces to act as responders as well as the GetSet controller application to handle protocol exceptions in a more robust and informative way.
Control Protocols Plug Fest Event in January 2011
The Control Protocols Plug Fest celebrated its 2nd Anniversary with another Fest being held in January 2011 in conjunction with the Technical Standards Program meetings at the Marriott Solana in Westlake, Texas.
As a result of the continuing popularity and growth of the program, the Plug Fest filled a larger space at the Marriott, and the event increased its duration this year.
PLASA Technical Standards Program
The event, originally created to support ANSI E1.20 RDM (Remote Device Management) two years ago has since expanded to cover all CPWG protocols, including the popular ANSI E1.31 DMX over Ethernet protocol. The Control Protocols Plug Fest was an informal event, with the only people around to see the equipment work or fail being engineers and technicians, not customers. The event provided an opportunity for manufacturers' engineers to see if their products worked with the products of numerous manufacturers, find out on the spot what is wrong, fix it, and try again. With all the members of the RDM and E1.31 task groups that wrote the standards on-hand, it provided an excellent resource to get implementation questions answered and to learn from everyone's shared experience.
Registration is important for these events so that the logistics of the equipment delivery, set up and removal can be organised. There was no charge for participation and the event was open to everyone.
JESE was in attendance, refining RDM Control solutions and contributing to the refinement of other manufacturer's equipment.
JESE Supports the ESTA Connectivity Pavilion at LDI 2010, Las Vegas
Connectivity Pavilion
Promoting its Technical Standards Program, ESTA sponsored the Connectivity Pavilion to showcase lighting control protocols and educate the industry and public at large. The pavilion was organised by Bill Ellis of Candela Controls and staffed by Hamish Dumbreck of JESE, Marcus Bengtsson of Lumen Radio, Peter Willis of Howard Eaton and Simon Newton of The Open Lighting Project
ESTA Technical Standards Program The pavilion was well attended by both enthusiasts and global lighting manufacturing managers alike.

Apart from the RDM equipment provided by those staffing the pavilion, fixtures were also provided by many manufacturers including: AC Lighting, Artistic Licence, Barco, City Theatrical, Doug Fleenor Design, Enttec, German Lighting Products, Goddard Design, Robe, Soundlight, Tempest Lighting

As often happens when manufacturers first enter the RDM market, some of the fixtures loaned to the stand, demonstrated the benefit of attending Plugfests to iron bugs shown up by interoperability testing, that may not always be detected by in-house testing. It was encouraging to see many major DMX fixture manufacturers who were not yet in the RDM market, showing a keen interest to adopt the technology in future products.
JESE Demonstrates DMX and RDM Control Products at PLASA in Earl's Court
JESE made a debut appearance at the PLASA show in Earl's Court, introducing a recently developed control solution, aimed at the emerging RDM enabled fixture market. PLASA 2010 As well as running a stand from which to show the capabilities of the controllers, JESE was also supporting the ESTA Connectivity stand, run by Peter Willis of Howard Eaton Lighting Ltd. For many of the visitors to the stand, both the possibility presented by the advent of RDM enabled fixtures and the control solutions being demonstrated were a revelation.
JESE stand at PLASA 2010
During the course of the show, the stand did as much to promote the ESTA Technical Standards Program (TSP) as it did, JESE's products.
The controller demonstration was brought to life, courtesy of various manufacturers providing an array of RDM enabled fixtures to configure and operate.
Peter Willis of Howard Eaton provided an RDM Lab pack and an RDM enabled star cloth. Peter Kirkup of Zero88 loaned an RDM enabled dimmer pack. Eckart Steffens of Soundlight provided an impressive array of RMD enable architectural lighting control interfaces and accessories, many of which may be seen mounted at the rear of the stand.
Staffing the stand are, from left to right, Hamish Dumbreck, Carol Dumbreck and Jess Dumbreck.