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The intelligent PC interface for DMX 512 Applications
- Feature Packed -
  • DMX Frame Generator
  • DMX Frame Receiver
  • 120 Ohm Termination
  • DMX Socket 1kV Isolated
  • Configurable Parameters
    1 to 40 Frames/second
    Frame Break Time (BRK)
    Mark After Break (MAB)
  • Triple Frame Buffers
  • TX & RX Indicators
  • Audio Error Indicator
  • Two Command Sets
  • RDM Protocol Aware
  • Robust Firmware Upgrade
  • Published Interface Spec
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May be licensed for GetSet RDM Controller
- Utilities and Drivers -
Free RDM Demmo Application
Probo is a free Windows Application, included with the companion CD.
TRI Probo Includes:
  • Patchable Control Desk
  • DMX Input Monitor
  • DMX Output Configuration
  • Firmware Upgrade Tool
  • Licence Upgrade Tool
3 Pin XLR Version 5 Pin XLR Version
- Choice of connection -
Although the 5 Pin XLR is the standard DMX connector, the majority of popular DMX products in existence use a 3 Pin XLR.
The DMX-TRI is available with the standard 5 Pin DMX Connector or the popular 3 Pin XLR.
This DMX-TRI model has been superseded

See the DMX-TRI (SE) page for our next-generation DMX-TRI device
- Transmitter -
The TRI will generate DMX Universe frames asynchronously at rates configurable between 1 to 40 frames a second. Options are available to update the entire frame at once, a single slot within the frame or to insert a single frame into the transmission sequence.
- Receiver -
The TRI provides synchronous and asynchronous modes for monitoring DMX Frames, giving the application the flexibility to react only when frame data changes.
- Upgrade Path -
The DMX-TRI can be licensed to be fully operable with GetSet, a Windows RDM Control Application. The upgrade path assures your hardware of a long and adaptable future, making it a sound investment.
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