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JESE is a development and manufacturing company of stand alone products and system components. We specialise in microcontroller equipment with associated firmware and, where required, the development of supporting PC software in the form of drivers, APIs and applications.
We are based in the Dartmoor National Park in Devon and have an office near Tonbridge, in Kent.
We work with our customers, reworking existing designs and developing new ideas from concept to production. We supply out of the box solutions to end users and customised solutions for re-sale to manufacturers.
We design and manufacture solutions for architectural and entertainment lighting control technology. Our solutions are developed using emerging technologies, bringing continual innovation to a growing market.
Electronic and Firmware Product Development
Supporting development in the
lighting industry
High quality DMX and RDM components
available from our online shop.
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RDM development kit
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Remote Device Management
DMX512 and RDM
(ANSI E1.20 - 2010)
RDM configuration tool
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